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by Builder Trade In Program Apr 03, 2019


The Southern Nevada housing market saw a bit of a dip in homes sales in the last part of 2018 after strong sales in the earlier months of the year.  However 2019 has started off with a stronger market that has rebounded nicely.

Home Builders Research, a research and data firm, reported that there were 810 closings in February 2019 – 27 percent higher than in the previous year for the month.  With this news homebuilders are optimistic about the rest of the year and continue to build new neighborhoods around the Las Vegas Valley.

Andrew Smith, president of Home Builders Research, said that sales were impacted by interest rates – sales fell a bit when the interest rates were higher and then sales jumped again when interest rates dropped.  Nat Hodgson, CEO of the Southern Nevada Home Builders Association stated “homebuilding isn’t spiking or dropping, but we are steadily going on our way”.  We all know steady is a good thing.  Hodgson added “With the migration that we are getting, we’re not building enough houses for the demand.”

A good part of the people that are moving to Las Vegas are from California since the new federal tax law implemented in 2018 that limited deductions on state and property taxes which are much higher in California.

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